Interactive Media Artist/Director


     Hatestrument is a room-sized instrument designed as a collaborative experience. The visitors make music with hate messages from the internet in order to turn them into something good.
     It has a circular sequencer projected on the ground so when people step on the right spot, a word of the hate message is played and the music starts. The area is surrounded by dozens of transparent screens displaying the words that the people play. The goal is to play all the words of the hate message in the right order while putting them in a new musical context.
  My personal role in this project was the Technical Director. My job was to develop and implement a technical strategy for bringing it to life. Once the concept was solidified, I began working in Touchdesigner to develop a prototype. During the prototype phase, we determined we would need additional features that would require further programming help. I worked with the programmer to develop a customized TouchDesigner project. Working as a front-end and back-end team, we collaborated to develop the project in one week. I also worked with the music designer, the set designer, the concept artists, and the producer to make sure the project stayed consistent with the original concept and also functioned in a technical sense.

Project Type: Interactive Installation

Date: 2020

Role: Technical Director

Technology: TouchDesigner, RadarTOUCH

Location: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg, Germany