Erica Esserman

Funk Show

This installation consisted of sheer panels hung throughout the dance floor at a music event. Two projectors were used to cover the area. A custom TouchDesigner application was built to control and map the visuals onto the panels. A custom control panel using touch osc was also developed to control changes in the visuals from the dance floor on an ipad. Some videos were played as visuals and some live graphics were being rendered. At some points during the event, when different Djs came on to play, we would utilize their names or images (some images were even captured of the DJs live at the event) and then live-rendered visuals utilizing these components were projected onto the panels. We also included sound reactive components of the visuals to the music.

Project Type: Sound Reactive Stage Installation

Date: 2019

Role: Collaborative Project, Technical Artist

Technology: TouchDesigner

Location: This is Not a Funk Show, San Diego, California, USA